“I could not have been in better hands or wished for better care from the one I received from Shaila whilst undergoing the treatment which took nearly two years. Even now, some months after the treatment has been completed, I still smile every morning when I look in the mirror.  My teeth look perfect and no one can tell.  I am deeply grateful and would recommend Shaila to anyone. ”  Aira Mahandru

“Thank you so much for all your patience and kindness when treating me and for helping me overcome my fear of dentists.”  Ms Dee Grant 

“I would like to sincerely thank you for the incredibly kind and thoughtful summary you have sent me, it is gratefully received. You have been wonderful every step of the way in my transformation and recovery. I will always be grateful for you putting me on the right track by being sincere, kind, caring and informative and empowering me to make the correct lifestyle choices.”  A.M

“I had a very positive experience with Shaila. She listened carefully to my symptoms which made me more confident of her diagnosis. She then explained exactly what she was going to do, why, and how much it would cost. This made the treatment much less stressful. The treatment itself went smoothly and relieved all my symptoms.” Bradley Campbell

“I wanted to say how impressed I was with Shaila as a dentist both in terms of her technical abilities and personal skills. I have not been an easy customer: constantly questioning, changing appointments, seeking referrals, requiring tricky dental work and striving to keep costs down. Shaila has always met these needs brilliantly with a friendly and very client-focused approach.” Joe England

“I have to say that all my life I have been terrified about dentists. I did not visit a dentist for 3 years because I had a very bad experience with the last dentist I visited.  But when Allen & Overy opened the dental practice here at Bishops Gate, I had at the back of my mind that I would visit one day (as if !!!).  However that day took me by surprise when I started suffering from a severe toothache.  So kicking and screaming I see myself going down there to book an appointment to see the dentist !!!  When I got there I met Shaila.  She had the most beautiful smile and a very nice personality and immediately I felt in good hands. She knew straight away that I had that fear on my face and she first spend some time talking to me to calm me down.  The practice was just opened then and there was no radio.  So she got out her Ipod and showed me all these albums she had with her and asked me which one I would like to listen while she was going to look what was wrong with my tooth.  Considering the fact that my last appointment with the dentist was a nightmare I just could not believe what was happening this time.  The sensation of actually coming to see a dentist was rather appealing than a nightmare.

Eventually I was on the lounging chair listening to the music playing while Shaila was working on my tooth.  I just could not believe I was having my tooth done but at the same time I was very relaxed.  Even while she was working on my tooth she kept asking me how I was and kept talking to me.  Shaila is simply brilliant I think she has got a a lot to offer.  Shaila is very professional and very good with people. Felt like a VIP when I walked down there. All I can say is “WELL DONE Shaila for the future and keep the good job and the wonderful spirit, personality and smile.” Emma Charles 

“Just a quick note to say many thanks for all your help in sorting out my tooth. I really appreciated your friendly gentle manner and your compassion. Please don’t retire any time soon! Oliver


Note: Please note patients names have been changed for privacy.