Natasha’s Success Story

From the pain of broken teeth back to smiling and living

An extreme fear of the dentist had Natasha living with a painful mouth for many years. She rarely smiledfully, didn’t talk openly and avoided being social. Natasha endured years of oral problems as she really feared going to the see the dentist.

Now Natasha’s smile dazzles as she lives her life to the fullest. The same Natasha visits the dental surgery regularly for check ups. She was once shy of her teeth but now takes great pride in taking care of them.

With Shaila’s help Natasha overcame her fear of the dentist and resolved all her oral health problems.

The problems

It was a bad childhood experience at the dentist that left Natasha anxious about visiting the Dentist. Later, when at the age of 23 her front teeth were knocked in a minor accident causing two hairline cracks, she avoided seeking immediate treatment. This resulted in her being unable to brush properly and over time her oral health deteriorated.

Natasha suffered with at least thirty abscesses over the next few years and lived with continuous pain. Her lifestyle was adversely affected as she declined invitations and even dreaded having her photo taken. She learned to speak without showing her teeth and would rarely smile or laugh, which all affected her once bubbly personality.

The treatment

Natasha’s front teeth had deteriorated when she arrived at Shaila’s surgery. The severe dental phobia meant Natasha had postponed treatment until her late thirties.

Shaila first began by getting to know Natasha and identifying all of her dental problems. The front teeth were temporarily repaired and she was given medication.

Once all of the immediate problems were resolved it was time to work on restoring Natasha’s smile. Shaila worked with Natasha to give her the courage to complete her treatment.

The results

Natasha was back to smiling once she had a combination of crowns and implants. With her new teeth she was happily meeting people, eating comfortably and speaking with enthusiasm.

In Natasha’s own words she reveals how the treatment changed her life.

What made you complete your treatment?

It was the sheer fact that I was reassured, I was in safe and caring hands. I was told that this could be sorted, but it may take time. It simply couldn’t get any worse.

What did the dentist do that helped you overcome your phobia?

It was a bright office and there was music was playing. We always had a little chat before starting the actual treatment.

What difference has the dental treatment made to your life?

Everything is so much nicer – eating, speaking, smiling and socialising are now great.

How is your confidence level now?

I’m a completely different person in company and am very confident with my smile now as it looks natural. I have check-ups every six months and also see the hygienist – it’s a 100{e9782a858f727fcffcb2d2275f21b4b0c7fa3488bbafad00e91c88d988878a71} turn around.

What else have you achieved in your life since overcoming your phobia?

To be honest, I’m generally quite a brave person and don’t have many fears or phobias, so have conquered the biggest fear I had, a fear that once ran my life.

Note: Please note patients names have been changed for privacy.