Holistic Dentistry

Our holistic approach involves assessing your dental health along with your physical and emotional emotional health, so that we take into consideration the entire picture of your health.

The state of your teeth affects your overall health, with gum disease linked to lots of health problems in other parts of the body. Gum disease may increase your risk of all kinds of other health complications, including stroke, diabetes and heart disease.

Chief Executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, Dr Nigel Carter, explains: “The link between oral health and overall body health is well documented and backed by robust scientific evidence. Despite this, only one in six people realises that people with gum disease may have an increased risk of stroke or diabetes. And only one in three is aware of the heart disease link.”

Having worked as part of a health team which included a GP, physiotherapists, physiologist and a nutritionist, Shaila is aware that sometimes a combined approach can really benefit patients. For example, a patient with uncontrolled diabetes who has tooth decay and gum disease would greatly benefit from also having dietary advice provided by a qualified nutritionist, alongside treatment from their Doctor and dental care. Through changing their diet the patient could help control the diabetes and also prevent further oral health problems.

Integrated Medicine

Shaila has an affinity for Integrated Medicine which uses both conventional and complementary medicine, because one system doesn’t always have the whole answer to every medical problem.

Shaila’s interest in health stems from her seeking to improve her own wellbeing, while also being curious about natural remedies and from having a love of yoga.

Shaila is continuing her study of Homeopathy, which can be used in addition to Conventional Dentistry at The Royal London Hospital of Integrated Medicine.


“Shaila has been such a lovely dentist to go to. I was having a lot of anxiety about the health of my gums and some recurring issues. Shaila is very reassuring and makes me feel more calm about the problems and showed me easy solutions to tackle them. It’s honest the first time I can see I feel more comfortable going to the dentist. She has even gone the extra mile to send me a nutrition guide, which no dentist has ever given me before. Most dentists want me in and straight out but I feel like Shaila really takes her time explaining issues/ underlying issues for my dental problems and I really appreciate it. Thank you Shaila 🙂 “