Chen’s Success Story

A 33 year old woman came with a bridge for a front tooth that was loose. The bridge was made for her 10 years prior in China, but Chen had not visited the dentist since then.

Chen really wanted to feel secure with her front teeth, so that she could smile, talk and eat normally. It was important for her to feel comfortable with the dentist .

On examination, the bridge was loose because the adjacent teeth used to anchor it were deteriorating. Chen was concerned that any remedial treatment should be long lasting, so that she did not have to go through this process every 10 years.

After careful treatment planning and discussion, a new implant retained bridge was provided, which allowed Chen to smile and eat with confidence.

Along with diet advice, Chen was shown how to maintain her dental restorations for their future longevity.

With this increased confidence, Chen has booked a 6 week holiday, fulfilling her travel ambitions.


Note: Please note patients names have been changed for privacy.